Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We interrupt this program for a pointless clothing post.

So since some of you were asking for this: here are all the clothing items I've obtained here in Tokyo thus far! Don't ask me how. I'm still shocked that I fit into things here.

Here's a shot of everything lined up. You can also see that my bed is giganto-normous.

A dress I bought while outlet-shopping with Michiyo, a poncho that Michiyo bought me (GAHHH so expensive! and yet there she was going "Oh it was so cheap" WTF MICHIYO-SAN) and three pairs of socks that are just long enough to poke out of a high heel or flat.

Bought the blue dress in Shibuya - because it's the only dress in Japan with an empire waistline that's built for someone like me, and because the salesgirl was damn good. And the silvery-black one is from a department store near my house. It's very comfy.

Another dress from the department store. V. SHORT. Will put on jeans if I plan to leave the house.

Sockssss. All knee-highs. Harajuku is a dangerous place. That said, anyone have any good ideas about what colors the navy blue argyle would go with? I liked them too much to pass them up, but I don't really have any skirts with me that work too well.

A scarf (from Harajuku again) and the handbag I got from the Nomuras for my birthday. THAT WAS EXPENSIVE TOO.

Yay pointlessclothingpost! The next picture post will be actual Japan-things, I promise.

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